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5 ways the camon cx be Tecnos greatest device ever

Tecno have been flooding their social media pages with the pre launch advertisement for the next camon device. The new device dubbed the camon Cx is expected to be released later this month alongside another device [Cx air]. Tecno have... Continue Reading →


Nokia Has Risen

On Friday, a new leak revealed more about the specifications of the lower end device. The device dubbed the  Nokia E1 is equipped with 1.4 GHz Quad-core Snapdragon 425 CPU with Adreno 308. The RAM will be 2GB with 16... Continue Reading →

Huh! #3,000,000 For a Gaming Laptop

I'll give you a minute to process that header.............. Done Gaming is a huge part of the tech world as we know it and with every year the games as well as the means to play them get better. Now... Continue Reading →

What To Expect From The Samsung Galaxy S8

Riding hard on the demise of the fallen Galaxy note 7, is Samsung's next major device the Galaxy S8. Various rumors about Samsung next flagship device have been floating round the internet although nothing concrete about the device has been... Continue Reading →

Why Go Cheap? The Low Grade Mobile Chipset Problem Plaguing Nigeria.

One of the reasons why a lot of smartphone companies choose mediatek for their devices is because they [ Mediatek] actually have a variety of high end chipsets that can be procured for cheap. Now i have no problems against... Continue Reading →

It’s Real, It’s Legit, It’s The Innjoo 3

Alright, Alright, Alright, one of the most heavily anticipated of the year is ready and approaching launch. All Innjoo mobile fans can now breathe with ease as the follow up to the Innjoo 2 has been listed for a launch... Continue Reading →

Here Is Dxo’s Rating Of The Best Smartphone Cameras

DxO Labs is a software company based in Boulogne-Billancourt, France, that develops image processing software and maintains a website with technical measurements of lenses and cameras (Sensor Rating Score and Camera & Lenses Rating Score). DxO have rated and compiled... Continue Reading →

Kidneys and Spleens For Data! Anyone?

Finally the lords of telecom castle decided to grace its loyal subjects with 4G data service. And i am very excited as i can now readily trash those big mouth friends of mine that are schooling abroad on Fifa without... Continue Reading →

Now I Really Want Google Assistant

Google have finally brought up an opponent formidable enough to face Apples Siri in combat, but sadly its exclusive to Googles all high pixel device. Here is  ArsTechnica having some surprise fun the new Google Assistant AI. Its really... Continue Reading →

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